What we race

The iRacing platform is the main focus of the team and where
we officially compete in endurance series and special events.

In total we run a mix of official endurance series,
special events and third party leagues.


We are currently recruiting drivers of all levels to compete in multiple road racing series on the iRacing platform, including GT3, GTE and LMP1.
As a result of running endurance events, we are looking for drivers from any/all continents with English language proficiency.
If you'd like to find out more visit our Discord server https://discord.gg/FX4GZhU

The Team

Team Directors

Ieuan Meredith
Sam Prince


AJ Herrera
Alex Crawford
Alfie Bradic
Andreas Vestergaard
Daniel Snorteland
Dawid K. Klass
Harry White
Matthieu Bouthors
Michael Hoffman
Oliver Farley
Paul Van Loan
Richard Berzell
Robert Rattray
Robin Johansson
Simon Avital
Simon Wright
William Boisvert
Zachary Hiller